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History of A&S Packing

Established in 1989 providing quality inspection and dedicated line support to many of the UK's glass manufactures.


In 1992 A&S Packing completed the purchased of it's head office in Goldthorpe, Rotherham.


With the rise of shrink sleeved products hit the UK supermarket shelves, A&S Packing invested in their first of what will be many, shrink sleeving lines.


Saw the opening of our Scotland site to assist and welcome the Scottish Distillers to A&S Packing.


Following stringent audits from HMRC our Yorkshire & Dumbarton sites acquired "bonded warehouse" status.


A&S Packing invested in a Meypack shrink wrapper, which enabled our group to offer tray and print registered shrink wrapping services 


With business booming for the company our Goldthorpe site was extensively extended to incorporate additional shrink sleeving lines in order to meet a growing demand. 


The year of the millennium saw our radiant shrink sleeve tunnels replaced with brand new state of the art Steam tunnels.


A key year for our Scottish site, as the acquisition of a new facility was completed and enabled us to grow our presence in Scotland.


With demand for shrink sleeve application growing, the company installed an additional steam shrink sleeve line.